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Which 1 is the more profitable product research tool? Sellthetrend.com vs. Ecomhunt.com –

Sellthetrend vs ecomhunt review

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Are you looking for a profitable product research tool? No two websites are built the same when it comes to identifying dropshipping opportunities. When it comes to the crowded landscape of ecommerce in 2022, it’s more important than ever to use tools that help you to cut through the crowd and connect with the products that are going to excite your customers. Ultimately, an enthusiastic buyer equals a great opportunity for a profitable product research tool

There are a number of challenges that face the dropshipping market. While these are certainly important to consider, they’re also able to be overcome with a strategic approach to building your dropshipping business. With careful consideration of the market climate, you can effectively build a dropshipping site that uses the strength of fantastic products and powerful niches to succeed.

Two of the major problems faced by dropshippers as they build their dropshipping store?

  • 1. Choosing a great product with a product research tool (and the right supplier for that product),
  • 2. Marketing that product to an eager audience.

Trending products that will bring with them a decent volume of buyers is crucial, making the difference between an ongoing dropshipping business that’s set up for financial wins, and one that’s going to continue to hit road bumps on its path towards success. 

Product research tools have been developed in order to address this market need. These tools can identify crucial elements that contribute to a product’s success, highlighting dropshipping opportunities that were previously unidentified. These tools can save valuable time, money and resources, allowing dropshippers to focus on building their business, fuelled by the power of products guaranteed to capture market interest.

One of our team here at Dropshipping Champions, we have withheld their name, as they are a little ashamed ( 😂) of the dotted line the year below (in the total sales tab). They have shared there 2019/2020 COVID Ecommerce dropshipping experiment and the results of using the very product research tools we are discussing. It was just one product, then slowly branching out into similar products that helped them create this revenue. All this from using the proper product research tool.

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Covid experiment Store.

If you’re on the hunt for a dropshipping winning product finder that gives you the power you need to identify hot products every day which are hand-picked to fill your online store, read on for our comparison of two of the major product hunter options on the market: Sellthetrend.com vs. Ecomhunt.com. As two of the most popular product research tools in the dropshipping industry, odds are high you’ve heard their names before. 

We’ll highlight where these two services excel, where they’re lacking, and how you can make the most of your valuable time by using the best tool possible to build your dropshipping business.

What is Sell The Trend (Sellthetrend.com) Product Research Tool?

sell the trend product research tools and product drop shipping product finder,chrome extension, with video ads, tool, profit margin and dropship spy.

Sellthetrend.com is a research tool that’s all about identifying products trending in specific niches. By highlighting products with existing demand, sellers can then sell that product to a large existing market.

Sellthetrend.com was founded in 2017. It includes an Amazon research tool that helps sellers identify trending products within the Amazon landscape, and draws on A.I. technology in its hunt for timely and trending products.

What is Ecomhunt.com Dropshipping Product Research Tool?

echomhunt product research tool with dropshipping product research, chrome extension, pricing plans, trending products, video ads and profit margin.

Like Sellthetrend.com, Ecomhunt provides daily insight into trending products that can be stocked in ecommerce stores. Its trending products are hand-picked by dropshipping experts, offering information such as links, Facebook Ads and targeting, product videos, engagement, analytics, profit and more. 

Ecomhunt provides two membership plans, with the free version limited to 2 trending products a day, and a limit on the data visibility that comes with those products. The Pro Plan includes all products and all data at $29 USD/month. 

Where Sellthetrend.com and Ecomhunt.com are similar and different product research tool.

ecomhunt vs sellthetrend product research tool, product finder, products to sell around the world, pricing plan for shopify.
Photo by Mulyadi on Unsplash

Both Sellthetrend.com and Ecomhunt.com offer insights into selling and trending products, equipping dropshippers with key insight into trending market opportunities. However, Ecomhunt only provides trending product data based on results from Aliexpress and Shopify. Sellthetrend.com has a bigger pond, identifying product trends from Amazon, Aliexpress, and Shopify.

While both Sellthetrend.com and Ecomhunt.com offer some tools that help you to identify influencer marketing tools, neither of them fully capture the rapidly emerging TikTok market, creating more work for dropshippers looking to quickly access this profitable social media platform with their trending products. 

Neither of these tools come cheap. While Sellthetrend.com offers a 7-day free trial, you’ll need to pay either approx. $40/month (monthly plan) or $33/month (annual plan) for continued access, creating a total annual price of $396. Ecomhunt.com’s pro plan costs $29/month, equal to $348/year.

Where Sellthetrend.com and Ecomhunt.com product research tools fall short:

While both of these tools can be useful for dropshippers, they come with downsides that can lead to problems in fulfilling dropshipping needs and criteria. Sellthetrend.com lacks a forever free plan, and is relatively expensive in comparison to other competitors. Ecomhunt.com has a product research tool that’s limited to AliExpress, and its user interface makes it difficult to navigate, costing dropshippers time and money. 

Their other competitors, including Pexda.com, Alishark.com, Nichescraper.com, Salesource.com, Dropship-spy.com, Findniche.com, Ecomprofithub.com, Aliinsiders-winners.com and Winner-picker.com, have a similar range of strengths and weaknesses. 

Neither of these alternatives hitting the mark? Enter Dropshipping Champions

Dropshipping Champions product research tool, dropshipping stores, shopify dropshipping, best dropshipping around the world aliexpress.

While Sellthetrend.com and Ecomhunt.com offer their own benefits to dropshippers, there’s a gap in the market when it comes to a one-size-fits-all solution.

Enter: Dropshipping Champions.

Dropshipping Champions is all about beating the dropshipping market with winning Facebook Ads, supplier info, targeting, TikTok Ads and more. With all product research tools centralised in one easy place, Dropshipping Champions is the all-in-one product research hub tool that makes identifying trending products easier than ever. 

This product research tool has been built to remove the need for multiple subscriptions in order to access effective product research. With winning products updated daily, Dropshipping Champions is the only subscription you need to have a dropshipping winning product finder on your side. 

This Ecomhunt alternative and Sellthetrend.com alternative equips you with hot products that encompass Aliexpress products, Google trends, social media trends and a wide variety of sources to build profitable products that are hand-picked.

Dropshipping Champions offers all of the value, insights, and opportunity through trending product identification that alternatives Ecomhunt and Sellthetrend.com offer – but it does so with a more robust data pool, a wider range of centralised information, and one single, easy subscription. 

Better yet? Dropshipping Champions only costs $14.99/month on a monthly plan, or $8.33/month on an annual plan. That’s less than half the cost of its competitors, with more functionality packed in at a lower price point. 

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