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3 Ways To Win & Advertise Dropshipping Winning Products On Facebook

dropshipping winning products on facebook

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You have done all the hard work to find the dropshipping winning products….great! But that’s only half the job – you still need to bring traffic to your dropshipping products to sell in store and generate sales. 

While you can use multiple channels and social media platforms to advertise your products, if you are not generating enough impressions and sales from Facebook, you’re certainly missing out on a major chunk of potential revenue and sales. Facebook advertising has become the world’s most powerful marketing channel for businesses, and that’s where you should advertise your winning dropshipping products to see instant results. 

Firstly, I would like you to reference the image below. We have come a long way since print advertising alone. Digital advertising and print advertising is getting harder with rising acquisition costs and different ways to grab attention and those clicks that you are wanting. But with Facebook we can target and analyse results better than this sign below.

dropshipping business need to use facebook ads for dropshipping winnings product better.

Facebook offers the most comprehensive targeting options to let marketers reach their target audiences and make sure they get to the right customer who can convert for them.  If you can’t advertise your dropshipping winning products on Facebook effectively, you are certainly missing out on a significant amount of sales. But don’t worry! It’s never too late to make a start. 

Let’s understand how to advertise your eCommerce store, your new dropshipping winning products on Facebook and boost your sales instantly. 

Leverage The Power Of Facebook Ads to Advertise Dropshipping Winnings Products.

Me undies video and FB eCommerce product integration.

There can be different ways to advertise your hot product on socials, but the use of Facebook Ads is probably the best route to take. Facebook ads allow you to reach new prospects beyond your current followers. 

Dropshipping Winning Products with High-Converting Ad Copy 

Your ad carries the message you want to deliver to your target audience, and it should be strong to make them convert. It should make your potential customers become raving fans, take notice of your offer, and convert to boost your ROI. Address their pain points and present your dropshipping winning product as the ultimate solution with a strong inherent message.

You might be surprised that you don’t need to be a professional designer or copywriter to create Facebook ads that are powerful enough to make the target group convert into sales. Just make sure that your ad has a few secret ingredients to get you the desired results. 

When designing your ad image and copy, make sure that your dropshipping winning product has:

✅ It’s relevant

✅ It’s visual

✅ It includes enticing value for your target audience

✅ It has a clear CTA

dropshipping champions winning dropshipping products
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Also, make sure you undertake research and analysis to find out what your target audience wants to see and where for this type of dropshipping winning product. Facebook ads can be in different formats and appear in different positions. Therefore, it is important that your ads not only look attractive but are displayed at the right time and in the right location. 

Use Facebook Carousel Ads To Sell Multiple Dropshipping Winning Products

dropshipping products to sell and how to advertise them in 2022

Stats show that Facebook Carousel Ads can bring 10x more traffic to your website compared to regular single-post adverts. They are highly engaging because they can have multiple images and products in a single ad. Your online store visitors can swipe right and left while viewing these ads to check multiple products or images in just one ad unit, with a different CTA on each of them. 

You can get creative and try different tricks to increase engagement and CTR with Facebook carousel ads. For instance, you may:

  • Feature your signature product in the ad by breaking its picture into multiple parts, each put into an image slide
  • Describe how to use the products featured in the ad
  • Showcase a complete product tour

Spread The News With Sponsored Posts of your Dropshipping Winning Products

facebooks sponsored ads for dropshipping winning products

Before you advertise your dropshipping winning products on Facebook, understand that Sponsored Posts and Facebook Ads are different advertising channels on the same platform. 

Sponsored posts are not like regular Facebook ads but some type of a mix of an advertisement and a standard post. They can be an effective tool to create brand awareness by making announcements or sharing news with your followers. The posts can have a small sponsored text to promote your brand and dropshipping winning product, and they can reach as many people as possible within your set budget. They are simpler to launch as compared to Facebook Ads and quite effective. 

Let Dropshipping Champions Assist You With Your Facebook Marketing for your Winning Product

While you can use the best dropshipping product research tool for researching products and finding the most profitable products for your dropshipping business, there is a lot more you need to do to bring traffic to your store and convert leads into sales. 

It’s essential that you advertise them the right way! 

To make your Facebook ad campaigns a success, you need to have a perfect mix of the right targeting and placement, compelling copy, and persuasive images and/or videos. Fortunately, the experts at Dropshipping Champions can assist you with all of this, and more. 

Let’s try to quickly understand how and what we can help you with:

Ad Copy

You can’t effectively advertise on Facebook if you are not writing a compelling ad copy that resonates with your target audience. Our experts can help you craft persuasive ad copy to make your target audience click through to your dropshipping store.


According to stats, video ads have the highest CTR on Facebook. They help you make an emotional bond with the audience and increase conversions. We can help you with videos that have:

  • Short, crisp and persuasive content to grab attention within a few seconds 
  • CTA scattered throughout the clip
  • An interesting story to connect with the audience 

Competitor Spying

Despite choosing the dropshipping winning products that are hand-picked based on product data, you might struggle to gain that competitive edge. Fortunately, we can help you beat the fierce competition by spying on your competitors and learning the strategies that work for them. Yes, you can only stay a step ahead of your competitors by understanding their strategy and keeping an eye on the content they share and the keywords they target. 

With a better understanding of why they are performing better in certain areas and what’s getting the results, you can turn the tables in your favour. It can even help you find out what you are doing better sp that you can continue to improve. 

Analysing Key Metrics

Facebook gives you a number of key metrics to track and improve your ad performance. But if you don’t have the expertise to analyze these metrics and take corrective action to boost your ad performance, we’re here to help. Our experts will do the hard work for you by tracking different key metrics, everything from campaign engagement to ad-level engagement to costs and more, optimizing your Facebook ads for the best results.

Facebook is a powerful platform to advertise your dropshipping winning products and drive more traffic to your ecommerce store. And with the help of our experts, you can supercharge your campaigns and get quick results. 

Check out our pricing plan now, and give your Facebook marketing an instant boost.

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