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How Keyword Research With Semrush Helps Grow Your Dropshipping Website Traffic?


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The dropshipping business has continued for the last couple of years. Product sourcing, supplier availability, communication, and managing convenience and profit margin have made the business lucrative. 

Yes, dropshipping is like that; only when you have picked the right keywords, targeted the right audience, and addressed their exact concern. 

You understand how important it is to find the keywords right for you. To help you out, we will be discussing keyword research with Semrush. 

Let’s get started.

What is Semrush?

Keyword research is the finding process of what search terms people use to discover their queries and interests.

Semrush is a popular keyword research tool that brings the most relevant keywords to a topic.

However, Semrush’s activities are extended to other SEO activities to improve online business visibility, traffic, and understanding insights.

Note: Want to take advantage of keyword research? Create your account with Semrush and get a 7-day free trial.

Like any other online business, keyword research for different types of dropshipping businesses is essential to bring website traffic. When you optimize those keywords to your website content intended for search engines, it not only answers search results but also, when a user searches for similar queries, your drop shipping businesses might pop up before them.

Semrush Features for Keyword Research

  • Keyword Overview

You can analyze your keywords under different metrics, such as volume, CPC, Keyword Difficulty, Competition Density, Keyword Ideas, Top-ranking pages, SERP Features, and more.

  • Keyword Magic Tool

By entering your seed keyword in the search bar, you can generate thousands of long-tail keywords and check their intents, volume, difficulty level, CPC, etc. Even you can customize them based on these metrics as per your needs.

  • Keyword Manager

You can save and manage your keywords through clustering and listing. Later, you can use them while strategizing exports or share them with your team members.

  • Organic Research

Find organic search competitors for your keyword, and check their fluctuations. You can also find opportunities for ranking profitable keywords.

  • Keyword Gap

With Keyword Gap, compare multiple domains at a time and find scopes to run efficient SEO campaigns.

  • Organic Traffic Insights

Semrush’s integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Console helps you analyze the organic search performance of your website and keyword data (‘not provided’ keywords from Google Analytics).

How to Do Semrush Keyword Research?

Sign in to Semrush with your Gmail. You will be landed on the Semrush Dashboard. From the side menu on the left side, go to the Keyword Research section and click Keyword Magic Tool.

A panel will open up where you are required to enter your topic.

Once you do that, a list of keywords will appear before you. As you can see, we have entered our topic dropshipping, and now we can see the keywords’ intent, search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, and many more.

Benefits of Using Semrush for Keyword Research in Dropshipping

Semrush offers a handful of features with its keyword research which is pretty convincing for dropshipping businesses. You can customize it and find the results you are looking for. Here are the benefits of keyword research with Semrush.

1. Understanding Consumer Behavior to Convert More

To run your dropshipping business smoothly, you need niche-relevant visitors to your website. This is where Semrush can help you understand your target audience and their behaviors and take action that helps you convert them to buyers. 

2. Using Keyword Research to Improve the Site’s Navigation

Researching keywords allows businesses to learn and understand people’s queries and curiosities. So, if you can use those keywords on your website, you are giving them a hint to meet their answers. And when people find their needs are being addressed the way they want, they will click that webpage to learn more. 

3. Discovering Low-Competition, High-Volume Keywords

If you want to get your content to rank, you would want it to hold that position for some time. An effective way to get content rank is to target keywords that are high in volume but low in competition. 

From the top menu bar, you can set the volume as high and keyword difficulty as low as you want (even you can customize) and find the exact ones you are looking for. Also, you can also see those keywords’ intent, trend, cost per click, SERP features, and more. 

4. Improve Your Site’s Ranking (SEO)

Using Semrush for keyword research helps improve your website’s ranking. You can get insights into the market, competitors, and trends and how your website is performing compared to all of those. 

Also, you can find what keywords your competitors are using, analyze their content, and optimize your website according to that. With other SEO features of Semrush, such as an audit tool, you can check your website overall. 

5. Increase Your Organic Click-Through Rates

Semrush offers in-depth data for keywords you plan to implement for your dropshipping business. This information greatly helps in aiding organic click-through rates. If you create quality content targeting the niche-relevant audience and optimize those keywords, you can increase the CTR and drive many organic visitors to your website. 

6. Delivering the Right Content for the Searcher

As mentioned earlier, keywords are the search terms (words or phrases) people use to find their queries or requirements. You can deliver the exact content by using these terms in your content. 

So, when your content appears when anyone searches with exact keywords, you are letting them know you have solutions for them. Thus you can speak to them and drive them to your website. 

7. Crush the Competition with Keyword Analysis 

The importance of keyword research is immense for search engine optimization. Every website ranks higher than the competitors. Semrush keyword research helps you find what your competitors are doing, which keywords they have used, and their placements in Google. Analyzing your competitors’ tactics will help you create a blueprint for standing out of the queue. 

8. Speak to Your Customers with the Keywords

As a dropshipper, you will get used to industry lingo over time. But remember that’s not your target audience’s language. You have to use keywords to speak to them, address their needs and answer their questions. This will help you understand the potential buyer’s perspective on a certain product or service. 

9. Implementing Keywords in On-Page Optimization

On-page SEO has many activities to perform. Finding effective keywords and implementing them on the page where necessary, such as titles, meta descriptions, meta tags, content, etc., can improve the website’s visibility and rank on the SERP. You can also use variations of keywords on your file names and alt tags. 

10. Leveraging Keywords in Guest Posts and Content Marketing

When you have found a good keyword to target, you can create long-form content like guest posts and blog posts and implement those in your content marketing as well. 

You can also keep the CPC (Cost Per Click) section in check. The higher this number considering other metrics you are aiming for, the better the keyword is to create content. If you choose an easy keyword, having written good content will help you rank easily. 

11. Monitoring Keyword Performance with Semrush

Let’s say you have used a keyword and want to check how the keyword performs in the competition. With Position Tracking, you can check your website’s ranking on that keyword and how it works over time. 

What’s more, you can check the keyword’s position, the number of traffic you are receiving, which keyword is improving, etc. Analyzing keyword performance will help you find areas where you need to upgrade.

Note: Create a Semrush account and get a 7-day free trial.

FAQs about Keyword Research for Dropshipping

Is SEMrush keyword research free?

Semrush keyword research offers a free option with limited features, which you can access by creating an account.

Is SEMrush good for keyword research?

Yes, Semrush is one of the top-notch and advanced-level SEO tools that are good for analyzing keywords.

What is a good SEO score on Semrush?

Considering all the metrics covered, over 80 is a good SEO score for  Semrush.

How do you predict traffic from keywords?

To predict traffic from keywords, multiply 25% by the keyword’s average search volume. 

Generally, the number of traffic from a keyword depends on its Search Frequence (SF), Click Through Rate (CTR), and search ranking. You can make your own calculation as well.


We are about to conclude this article. But before that, here are the highlights at a glance. 

  • Semrush is an all-in-one SEO tool that helps online businesses grow their visibility, traffic, and conversion.
  • Semrush’s keyword research features will help find trendy, popular, and competitive keywords relevant to your dropshipping business.
  • You can customize your keyword searching in Semrush, find market trend insights, and analyze keyword performance and other metrics to understand the growth of your dropshipping business.
  • Keyword research with Semrush has manifold benefits to increase a website’s ranking, CTR, increase conversion, on-page optimization, and many more.
  • If you have found profitable keywords for your niche, check this article on ‘How to start dropshipping‘ to get started.


Semrush is a 360-degree SEO tool that gives you overall parameters, metrics and benchmarks to dig deeper so that you can make your plan and implement it accordingly.

Hopefully, you can take advantage of this tool to upgrade your ranking, hold your online visibility and grow as a reliable dropshipping platform.

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