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Trending Products on Aliexpress in 2022

trending products aliexpress 2022

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Planning to start your new eCommerce business by finding trending products on Aliexpress? Well, that’s a great idea! Because the success of your online store depends on the products you choose to sell. 

Wondering where you can find the products that will bring you huge returns? Any experienced eCommerce seller would recommend AliExpress. 

AliExpress isn’t just one of the biggest online marketplaces today, but it’s also a popular choice for resellers to source great products. Regardless of the category, you can find many inexpensive products here with attractive margins. 

Top 5 Trending Products On AliExpress In 2022

Want to know which products will be trending in 2022? We have listed our top picks below to help you choose the trending products on Aliexpress and kick-start your eCommerce journey:

Wireless Charging Stations

trending products on aliexpress
Eco 4 in 1 charging dock : trending products on aliexpress

With freedom and flexibility on offer, wireless charging stations are popular among smartphone users. The wireless charging tech has been around for a few years now, and the public interest in wireless charging products has been continuously on the rise lately. 

In fact, the demand for wireless charging stations will see substantial growth this year, and it will remain like that in the near future. The industry estimates show that the valuation of the global wireless charging market will be over $40 billion by 2027. Therefore, the wireless charging stations have great potential and will be among the trending items on AliExpress and also your online store. 

Fake Eyelashes

aliexpress product research tool finder
Fake eyelashes : trending products on aliexpress

Fake eyelashes are extremely popular among young girls and women as they make the eyelashes look fuller and are widely used every day and on special occasions. 

If you search for the terms like “eyelashes,” “false eyelashes,” and “fake eyelashes” in Google Trends, you’ll notice steady growth in these searches. With a massive search volume, fake eyelashes make a perfect addition to your online beauty store. 

There’s a huge variety of fake eyelashes available with the suppliers on AliExpress, and you can view them if you have your Shopify store set up and connected with DSers. The platform sells these in numbers, and bulk orders are also very common. This certainly proves their marketability. You can even sell other products around fake eyelashes, such as eyelash glue, fake eyebrows, eyelash serum, etc. 

Pet Carriers & Crate Accessories

aliexpress product finder
expandable soft per carrier : trending products on aliexpress

In the last few months, there’s been a drastic increase in searches for pet carriers and crate accessories. These products will remain trendy moving ahead, as people have started to travel with their pets again. The pet carrier market is expected to grow at a 3.95% compound annual growth rate for the next six years and will reach an $851.5 million valuation by 2028. 

You can find so many different types of pet carriers on AliExpress, and they all have ample search volume. The monthly search volume for the term “pet carrier” alone stands at 49,500 searches a month. Other long-tail keywords can be pet carrier backpack (8100 monthly searches), dog carrier for car (8100 monthly searches), pet carrier airline approved (6600 monthly searches), etc. 

Temporary Tattoos

trending products on aliexpress in 2022
Temporary Tattoos : trending products on aliexpress

Tattoos are becoming extremely popular in most parts of the world these days, and they are a great way to express oneself. While traditional tattoo shops carve them on your body, many people now prefer henna-like ink alternatives to get temporary tattoos. The demand for these tattoos is continuously on the rise, and people see them as the best temporary alternative to the real, permanent thing. 

Set up your online store and source temporary tattoos from the suppliers on AliExpress. They have a huge range of attractive designs on offer, and you can easily bring variety to your online tattoo shop. Market your temporary tattoos on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, and they’ll be your bestsellers for sure. 

Phone Tripods

Phone tripods: trending products on aliexpress

There’s a lot of hype around blogging these days, and everyone has their own reasons to get into this field. While some are keen bloggers and take it as a hobby, others start blogging to make a profit. 

Regardless, the majority of bloggers use their phone cameras to capture photos and videos for their blogs. That said, it’s quite understandable why phone tripods are trending these days, and they will continue as a trending product on aliexpress in 2022.

They are not too expensive, and they really make a must-have for most new bloggers. Put them on sale, and you’ll surely see the numbers go skyrocketing for your online store. 

These are only a few trending products on AliExpress in 2022, and there are many more you can choose from to sell on your Shopify store. Whether you’re a new dropshipper or run an established eCommerce business, you can sell these trending products this year and make huge gains with the right marketing approach. Get to work now, and make the most of these winning products with our all-in-one aliexpress product research tool.

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