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Life Changing: Find Just One Winning Shopify Product with CJ Dropshipping

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This post will discuss what makes a good product and how to use the CJ application to find a winning Shopify product. We’ll also provide tips on choosing the right products and show you how to get started with Dropshipping Champions’ all-in-one research tool!

Today’s entrepreneurs only need one winning Shopify product and do not even have to lift a finger to own a profitable business. We have come so far in the world of eCommerce. Whats new? Supply chain logistics innovation for fulfilling orders, faster shipping, integrating multiple sales channels, running a store without any stock, and allowing business owners worldwide to make money in different ways never seen before.

winning product finder for Shopify dropshipping.
Shopify has revolutionized the online world.

One of the platforms or tools we can contribute to this success is eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, which have allowed people without website development and coding skills to create seamless shopping cart experiences online.

Shopify has been revolutionary. Its ability to allow third-party applications to develop problem-solving solutions from search engine optimization, conversions, sales, marketing, and suppliers allows online selling to finally meet the growing needs of entrepreneurs and business owners using eCommerce platforms.

Shopify dropshipping applications page
Shopify’s app store, filtering and searching.

“The needs of growing entrepreneurs and business owners alike are met through the innovative solutions of eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, allowing for Dropshipping to become massive.”

One of the widespread improvements and integrations have been from suppliers cutting out wholesalers and providing an ability for eCommerce owners to become their sales channels directly to customers. This has been more commonly known as Dropshipping and is quite famous for bootstrapping a business. There is still a need to know what products to sell, and this can be achieved through some of the best winning product finders.

beautiful shopify themes like debutify to levitate the looks and professionalism of dropshipping stores.

What Is CJ Dropshipping And How Can It Help Find A Winning Shopify Product?

If you’re looking for the perfect dropship product finder or a guide on finding a winning Shopify product with the CJ Dropshipping, you’re in luck. Here at Dropshipping Champions, we’re on a mission to make life easier for our fellow entrepreneurs and eCommerce heavyweights.

Firstly, let’s go over the basics. Shopify is a vast eCommerce platform that has innovated how the everyday entrepreneur (like myself) conducts business online. Without knowing how to code or develop your own website, Shopify allows third-party applications like CJ Dropshipping to connect seamlessly with your store and work straight away as a winning product finder and find just that one primary winning Shopify product.

CJ Dropshipping is a Shopify app that allows you to find and sell products from China without shipping them yourself. It’s a great way to get started with Shopify, as it’s easy to use and does not require a lot of upfront investment.

Cj Dropshipping for shopify , helping to find winning products on aliexpress.
CJ Dropshipping home page

3 Ways To Find A Winning Shopify Product With CJ Dropshipping:

The first way is to install the application from Shopify’s application store and browse the products already available in the CJ Shopify app. This is a great way to get started, as you can see what’s popular and begin selling products that are in demand.

The second way is to use the keyword search function within the application. This allows you to find products that match your niche and keywords.

The Third way is using a winning Shopify product spy or a winning product finder. There are many options on the market. Some examples include;

  • Sell The Trend with their Nexus Product Explorer,
  • Ecomhunt and,
  • Dropshipping Champions all-in-one product research tool,

Why do I use Dropshipping Champions as my go-to product finder?

The best product finder for Shopify, Woocommerce or ecommerce platforms. Dropshipping Champions.
Dropshipping Champions’ all-in-one product research hub is the latest and greatest on the market.

The problem with just searching for products in a niche you may have pulled out of a hat, like “fashion,” is that this could be what makes or breaks the success of your eCommerce business. Dropshippers do not have a huge profit margin and need high volume to succeed. This is precisely why we need a tool to find the right product.

Since COVID19, eCommerce has propelled itself as a sales channel taking up more market share from retail, and the market can become saturated quickly. If you are simply starting an online fashion boutique or general technology store, good luck! You need a product market research tool that identifies the products in your niche that are trending and ready to be sold with high sell-through rates. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

How Dropshipping Champions Help Find Winning Products With CJ Dropshipping?

Firstly, they are an all-in-one data-driven tool allowing you to choose CJ Dropshipping, among other sources, as a supplier to filter through researching the number one winning Shopify product for your store. In the image, we can see below what type of features are on offer.

Dropshipping Champions winning product finder for shopify.

What is included in their Gold plan;

  • Product Ideas and sales trends,
  • Product margins for trending products like net profit, cost of goods,
  • Social engagement, comments, shares, likes, and reactions,
  • Targeting information for advertising, demographics, country, audience, and more,
  • Competition storefronts, their advertisements,
  • Suppliers other than CJ Dropshipping,
  • Tik Tok ads information (classified) and,
  • Finally the ability to order high converting video ads for your product on your eCommerce store within under 72 hours..

So the message, for finding a winning Shopify product with CJ dropshipping, I want to deliver is this: Shopify, the CJ Dropshipping app together with Dropshipping Champions is a recipe for success.

Once you’ve found a product using this tool, simply add it to your Shopify store and start selling! A product research tool like the excellent one provided by Dropshipping Champions and a 3rd party application like CJ Dropshipping is a great way to get started with Shopify. As business owners, we know we need research to really be impactful and understand the possible trends and assumptions in our forecasts for profit, selling strength, and the likelihood of sales. One thing is clear; eCommerce is massive and will continue to be. It is the entrepreneurs who use technology and innovation which will succeed.

Take one step further together in the innovation we have seen over the last two decades with eCommerce platforms like Shopify, with integrations from dropshipping suppliers. Lastly, take the leap and get a product research tool like what Dropshipping Champions offers.

I hope this has been ‘food for thought’ for your eCommerce journey to find dropshipping-winning products. It only takes one winning Shopify product to make the right bank for your store.

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