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How to better manage Facebook ads?

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Hey guys, today I thought I could write about something. You know when you think you have inspiration, but you don’t have it?
I made coffee, although I made it myself as an enemy, and the music is there, of course, to find inspiration.
It would be a lie if I said that I always have a topic that I want to dedicate myself to or what I would call my ’’ Ace up my sleeve. ’’ Well, it’s not like that. It’s strange how inspiration works.
Did you ever wonder how some Facebook ads perform better than the others? Key is to learn how to properly manage Facebook ads


Why Facebook? 

As I was staring at my laptop screen, I saw a Facebook ad. And it occurred to me that today’s topic might be how to better manage Facebook ads. ’’ Uh, it’s good, if the coffee making has already gone wrong, at least the inspiration is there ’’ I thought to myself.

The truth is we all stare at social media, but we don’t exploit their full potential. We know the effects for pictures, what frame to put, how to take a picture of lunch from what angle, and what do we not know?

We may experience ignorance, a small amount of anger when we promote our brand or product. 
Because people are buying based on emotions and Facebook brings out that emotions thats why it is still the best place for advertising and thats why you should learn how to manage Facebook ads for your business.

What happens with your Facebook ads?

Despite all our efforts, our advertisement isn’t showing?

First, there are going to be ”I need to restart my laptop” or ”I need to log into Facebook again” and then swear words dedicated to Facebook because ”it doesn’t work”.
We all do it because it’s hard to point the finger at yourself and say ’’ Fool, you’re doing something wrong. ’’

’’ Am I making a mistake?  No chance! ’’
Hmmm… Yes, yes… We all make mistakes.
I told you at the beginning what kind of coffee I made for myself. It’s not coffee’s fault, it’s mine, isn’t it?

I will drink this bitter coffee ( I admit, I’m too lazy to make a new one) and write you about the mistakes you might make.
Make yourself some coffee or tea and read this text as you already know everything, you only ’’ read this to share with your friends, you simply forgot some details. ’’

List of most common mistakes you can make while you manage Facebook ads


Too many people targeted 

Although you may have an excellent Facebook ad, your first mistake is not showing it to the right Facebook audience. What does that mean? You may think that everyone is one of your potential customers, but that is not the case. A specific target Facebook audience for your ad is important depending on the product or service you provide. 

What are some ways you can narrow the Facebook audience?

  • Set the language as the website’s language
  • Make sure you have as much information as possible about your audiences, such as their age, gender, and location, by using Facebook Audience Insights
  • If your suppliers don’t ship your product to these countries, they should be excluded.

With this approach, you will be able to reach on oversized audience that has a strong interest in your services.
If you need help with targeting and making the most out of your Facebook ads we strongly suggest to visit Adtargeting.io

There are too few people you are targeting as your Facebook audience

In the same way that it’s not a good idea to target a large audience, it’s also not a good idea to target a small audience. To avoid this, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to certain interest. You should also keep in mind that you will pay more for clicks if the audience is narrow. So keep personal views on countries or hobbies to yourself, so that it does not impact your business, in this case advertising on Facebook. 

The quality of ads is poor 

When you have chosen the right audience size, the next step is ad quality. Because Facebook ads are visual, you need to pay close attention to the quality of your images and videos. To draw attention to your product, your images must be bright, bold and of high quality. You may also wish to show how your product functions. In this way, you will continue attracting the attention of your potential customers and encourage them to read more about your product.
It’s been proven that videos are the best way to advertise on Facebook. But you need to make sure your videos are of high quality, for them to be dynamic and appealing to your audience. 

It appears you aren’t doing split testing 

In split testing, images, titles, and text are tested separately to see which works best. The result may take days or weeks to see, and marketing experts change only one element of the ad to see how people react. This is one of the points you should focus on in your journey towards learning how to better manage Facebook ads.

The following ideas can help you with split testing:

  • Light or dark images
  • Short or long ads
  • Titles with or without numbers
  • Pictures or professional photos 

If you are a beginner in creating video or image ads we can suggest to you Ecomly ads platform that can help you to create better ads.

There is only one advertisement format you are testing

The best way to find out which ad format your Facebook audience responds to is to try different formats. So don’t limit yourself to just one format, but try all the formats you have in the option. Your ads will start running on Facebook once you’ve found the right format. 

The ideas you use are ineffective 

It’s absurd to say that if a certain method of advertising hasn’t worked, you should continue to use it. Instead of hoping to succeed after countless failures, think of a new idea or approach. 
In this way you will save a lot of trouble, time and money. Not focusing on your emotions and focusing on something that works will increase your ability to manage Facebook ads better than before.

Budgets that are too low or too high 

In the case of a low daily budget, you will not be able to reach the entire audience, while a high daily budget will only encourage you to spend money. It is important to set a reasonable daily budget to make your ad stand out from others. The ’’ golden mean ’’ of the daily budget will help you reach your target Facebook audience.


You place the same advertisement on previous customers

If a customer has already bought something from you, showing the same ad is a waste of time. You can actually ’’ drive away ’’ old customers by doing so. Your ads will be more valuable if you exclude your existing customers from this campaign and include them in the campaign for a warmer audience. Find a new group of Facebook audience and this way, you will reach new customers and you won’t annoy the existing ones with the same message. This is how you properly manage Facebook ads.

You have not prepared your website 

A website that is not ready, or that lack pictures, important product information, and reviews will significantly hamper the effectiveness of your ads. A potential customer who visits your website and sees that there is no information about your brand or product is sure to leave. Before you launch any advertising campaigns, make sure all of your products have all of these attributes. Be sure that the product prices on the website and the ad are the same.

You can’t decide when to place your ads 

Posting Facebook ads at the right time is very important. To determine the time zone and lifestyle of your audience, get to know them. Learn who your audience is, where they live, how old they are, what their interests are, etc. You will then know the best time to place your ad. 

Rule of 20 % of the text 

If the image has less than 20 % of the text, it best represents the information. People are turned off by too much text. Start with yourself first. You don’t want to read a novel-length text about a product, but you want specific information. Follow the rule that the images should have less than 20 % of the text. 


The ads were not approved 

Facebook must approve your ad before it will run. Several factors determine whether the ad will be approved or not, some of which you cannot predict. If you want to avoid Facebook disapproving of your posts, you should stay away from topics such as drugs, violence, gambling, nudity and politics

Did you read this now? You answer ’’ yes. ’’ I don’t hear yours, but we’ll pretend I heard it. I hope you didn’t cheat and skipped some parts. If you’re wondering if I drank my coffee to the end, I honestly didn’t. Luckily for me, I probably wouldn’t have survived another sip of bitter coffee. Finally, I hope you enjoyed it and found these tips useful, and I will wait for the next topic to come to me without hesitation. Don’t worry. I won’t keep it to myself! 

With the rise of other social media platforms such as TikTok, Youtube, Pinterest etc someone would think that Facebook lost a lot of users and possible customers that it would bring to you with it’s advertising. We here at Dropshipping Champions strongly believe that Facebook with its targeting tools and world wide reach is still one of the best advertising platforms that you can utilize to grow your business. We hope that this tips brought you one step closer to understand better how to manage Facebook ads in future.

Happy dropshipping!

Natasa Prsic
Natasa Prsic
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