Multifunctional Liquid Brush

Posted: 12 months ago

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Profit margin: $14.59
CPA: $4
NET: $10


Orders: 2062


Likes: 119
Comments: 45
Shares: 98
Reactions: 0


*Standard supplier (20-40 shipping time)
*Fast supplier (8-12 shipping time)

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Cleaning agent⎘, Housekeeping⎘, Cleaning⎘, Home Improvements⎘, The Home Depot⎘, House Tools⎘

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Data explain

  • OrdersThis is the total amount of orders from the Aliexpress suppliers we are tracking including any refunds or adjustments. This is NOT the total orders from all suppliers around the globe selling this item. This number should be taken in relation to other products on Dropshipping Champions
  • Product CostCost from supplier. This is the price you will pay to buy the product from the supplier.
  • Selling PriceAverage shop listing price. This is the price you can sell the product.
  • Profit margin: Calculated profit margin = product cost – selling price
  • Total Sales: Total sales generated from the all the suppliers we are tracking for this product. Orders x Selling Price
  • Suppliers: Suppliers where you can find product.
  • Competition: Shows FB Ads and store URL of competition who are selling the same product.